It was all a dream in 2013

In 2013 our Founder Sierra Georgia resigned from the Federal Aviation Aministration to launch DC’s first gelato truck. At the time she was purchasing wholesale artisan gelato from a local manufacturer and falling in love with the industry, soaking up everything she could as a newbie. After 3 years she turned down a licensing deal in 2016 when expanding to Philadelphia and decided to travel to Bologna, Italy to learn how to make artisan gelato for herself. She knew in order to be the best, she had to learn from the best.

The Frontlines of American Gelato

While attending Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, it was clear America was lagging behind the rest of the world as far as gelato. Here, Sierra realized gelato wasn’t just a dessert, it was a lifestyle. She experienced gelato like never before and made it her mission to put some respect on the American palate internationally and spread the gelato lifestyle across America, one community at a time. It was here when the GELAT’OH brand was born.

GELAT’OH for the people

GELAT’OH has always been focused on manufacturing artisan gelato for the masses as well as empowering small business owners by distributing our product to our amazing partners across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Our mission is to make quality dessert experiences accessible. In addition to our wholesale services, we have always maintained our 5 star catering experiences that have taken the GELAT’OH brand literally around the world.

Making our mark in CPG

After perfecting our recipes and re-tooling during the pandemic, we were accepted into the Union Kitchen Food Accelerator program and signed on with our first regional distributor in 2022. Not only are our pints available throughout the Mid-Atlantic, we were able to open THE GELAT’OH SHOP, our first scoop shop within our production facility where you can walk in and get #yourfavoritegelato as your heart pleases. Depending on when you come, you may just catch our production team in action! Be sure to subscribe online to stay updated with our latest and greatest as we grow!