The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For 🍦✨

Greetings Gang!  

Spring is in the air, the pints are in stores, and we are super excited for what’s next!  If you have been following the journey on social media, you may have seen that as of April 1 our pints hit the shelves at all Union Kitchen Grocery Locations across DC and VA! 

Meet us @ UK Eckington on 4/8

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We wrapped up the winter cohort in the Union Kitchen Food Accelerator in  February and we have swiftly moved into phase 2 of our CPG journey!  Meet us for fun, free samples, and all things gelato on 4/8!

No more trying to track us down at our next event, we are coming to a grocery store near you!  The goal is local, regional, then national distribution!

You can now find our pints in all UNION KITCHEN GROCERY locations:
🍦SHAW/Howard U: 1924 8th St NW
🍦Mt Vernon/Convention Center: 1251 9th St NW
🍦Union Station: 538 3rd St NE
🍦Eckington: 1625 Eckington Pl NE
🍦Ballston Quarter: 4102 Wilson Blvd Ballston, VA

If you encounter any issues with our gelato at any of our retail locations, please do not hesitate to @ us on Twitter   Or chat with us on our website HERE so we can resolve any issues expeditiously.

We added a new page on our website where we will continually update the list of retail locations where you can find #yourfavoritegelato🍦If you don’t see your area listed yet, stay tuned we are working our way across the map!

Shipping is back open!🍦📦

We took a few months off to re-tool ourselves! We have upgraded our packaging to a 100% recyclable shipping box, 100% recyclable insulation insert, and 100% recyclable product container.  As the world battles climate change, we strongly encourage everyone to recycle and or re-use as much as you can.  It truly takes a village, we only have 1 planet! ♻️ 🌎 ✨  

Stay tuned for a new blog series on repurposing our pints for various life hacks and planet-friendly projects!

Book GELAT’OH for your next private event or meeting🍦✨ 


We specialize in delivering the unexpected.  If you need to bring the wow-factor to your next event, drop us a message with your event details HERE and let’s make it happen!  We live to serve!

You can always order #yourfavoritegelato for curbside pickup at our DC facility, local delivery (within 10 miles), or nationwide shipping! ✨📦🍦 HERE

Thank you for taking the time and reading this message, we are super thankful for your support throughout our journey and have made it our mission to create quality, accessible gelato and delivery an amazing experience with every scoop.


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